Women’s Gathering


  Towamencin Mennonite Church
March 18, 2017; 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

girlwithpurse5The British queen’s granddaughter played with her grandmother’s purse during an official photo shoot, clearly delighting in this privilege. Other children like playing dress-up with adult purses as well, not caring what they represent. Yet a purse can be a metaphor for our lives as women. We are handed down stories about ourselves and others, prescriptions for how to live, rules and commands, as well as messages of love and joy. Sometimes we are able to carry these with pleasure; sometimes they become toxic or too heavy, and we must sort through them and discard what no longer has meaning or a positive impact for us. Sometimes our “purse” belongs more to our grandmothers and mothers than to us and we must find what meets our own needs.

girlwithpurse2During our Women’s Gathering we will have time for praise and prayer, input by Tamira Good, discussion, and sharing with each other. This time apart from our daily lives is a retreat designed to help us shed what keeps us from God and from enjoying a fulfilled life, and accept what we are being offered that is life-giving.

girlwithpurse1A $15 fee is requested, to cover registration and lunch. Either pay by check (write to Franconia Mennonite Conference) or in cash, to be handed in upon arrival at the event. Please do not pay in advance, and also do not let an inability to pay the fee keep you from coming (partial payment is acceptable, and scholarships are possible as well). All women from Franconia Mennonite Conference and Eastern District Conference are welcome; please invite others to join us. The church doors will be open by 8:30 a.m. Light refreshments will be served during the morning; lunch will be provided. Childcare is available at $5 per child.

This event will be bi-lingual, in English and Spanish.
Everything said will be translated so that all may participate fully.

For more information, contact Anne Yoder (ayoderpax@gmail.com) or 610-259-9838 (home) / 610-328-8030 (work).Register at http://women.franconiaconference.org/registrations 

Your help is requested in spreading the word about this gathering.  You may wish to print a flyer  (Espanol flyer) to put up or to mail to your own network/s.


We look forward to a wonderful day of learning, sharing our stories and wisdom,
and being together in God’s presence!

Sponsored by the EDC/FMC Sistering Committee, local branch of Mennonite Women USA.